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Fully automated lettuce system

Prins Group has developed a fully automated lettuce system together with her partner in the USA. Various crops can be grown in the system which is equipped with aluminum gutters. The uniqueness of this system is that the young plants grow very close to each other and, as the crop grows, the system moves the gutters further apart so that the quality of the product remains very high. This is because of the circulation of air around the crop. A big advantage is that ± 40% more plants can grow per sq. /m. compared to the traditional way. This means an optimal utilization per sq./m of the greenhouse area.

Water saving

The system is completely closed, so the plants absorbs only the required water and, the rest of the water is recycled, thus saving a lot of water and nutrients with this system. Experience shows that through this system, the various types of leaf crops grow exceptionally well.

System user:

  • Growers FresH2O
  • Beijing HortiPolaris

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