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Meteor Systems Hydroponic Floating Raft
The innovative floating system for the cultivation of vegetables and herbs

A grower of crops or herbs prefered clean cultivation. No pollution in floaters. With EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) floats, however, this is virtually impossible due to the rough structure. Meteor Systems introduces the Meteor Systems Hydroponic Floater. A floater made of the hard plastic HDPE. Easy to clean and with a longer shelf life. And thanks to the unique shape of the planting hole, the float is suitable for both traditional substrate plugs and substrate-free cultivation. Meteor Systems has developed a new, patented plant holder for substrate-free cultivation.


  • Better to clean related tp traditional floats
  • Longer service life than EPS
  • All plants are at the same distance from the water
  • Plants are easier to get out of floater (by unique shape of the planting holes)
  • Temperature on the plant side rises less quickly
  • Plant holes are variable in shape and size (on request)
  • Good manual and automated handling
  • Due to the unique shape of the planting hole suitable for cultivation with and without substrate.
  • Less chance of diseases and damage and pollution
  • Lower labor costs and less dropout
  • Lower replacement costs
  • A crop with a better, uniform quality


  • Dimensions : 954 x 779 x 50 mm
  • Weight : 2,85 kg
  • Standard colour : wit
  • Number of holes : 15 of 30


  • Equipped with a plug stop in the planting hole (all plant plugs have the same distance to the water surface)
  • Floats are colored light-tightly with a specially developed white dye that ensures that no algae growth occurs in the planting hole and between floats and the water surface.

System user:

  • De Kruidenaer
  • Van der Mark

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