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Nutriënt Film Technology

Gutter system
For NFT hydroponic systems gutters are used. These gutters are,  depending on the supplier, made from different materials. The gutters are provided with holes, in which plugs, with substrate and cutting, are placed. In the NFT system, water with nutrients is dosed based on the crops needs. The dosing of the water takes place through automated systems. Between the bottom of the plug and the bottom of the gutter is a space in which the roots are located. These roots absorb the water from the gutter. This system is ideal for automated production environments. The gutters can be set automatically at the correct planting distance.

Advantages of NFT system:

  1. Small water volume, which makes fast food adjustments possible.
  2. Easy to adjust the planting density without transplanting
  3. Fully automated process possible
  4. Enough oxygen around the roots


Growcoons Nutriënt Film Technology