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Deep Floating System

Floating system
For DFT hydroponic systems floaters are used. These floaters are, depending on the supplier, made of different materials. The floaters are provided with holes in which plugs with substrate and cutting are placed. The floating plates are placed in a water basin, whereby nutrients are added. The water in the basin is pumped around and aerated actively or not. The plants do not hang directly in the water with the root ball, but the plug hangs above the water and the roots hang in the water. This creates an oxygen layer in which the plant can produce its roots to absorb nutrients.

Advantages of the DFT system:

  1. Better temperature control due to big water buffer. When plastic floats are used. 
  2. Ability to cool plant and greenhouse via water temperature
  3. Large buffer capacity for nutrients and root exudates
  4. Efficient use of space