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Growcoon for Hydroponics

Systematic solutions with the Growcoon

Growcoon is a fully biodegradable plug with a flexible, open mesh structure. The Growcoon forms a stable root ball when used in combination with a high-quality seedling substrate.

Effective growing

Growcoon is the optimal system for all types of propagation methods. It is proving especially effective in sowing, rooting of cuttings, grafting, and growing-on of young plants from tissue culture, as well as in vertical farming and hydroponic systems.

Many sizes

The Growcoon is available in many different standard sizes, as are trays for use with these sizes. In addition, there is a special Growcoon range for Hydroponics. So the Growcoon can be used in all established propagation systems and with different trays. Moreover, special sizes can be produced on request.

Combined excellence - Growing Media and Growcoon

More and more growers are switching to hydroponics for cultivating various vegetable crop types, a trend caused by increasing demand for safe food and residue- free cultivation. Currently, hydroponic systems are mainly used for growing green leafy vegetables and herbs, but applications for different vegetables, cut flowers and other crops are also being investigated intensively.

Special substrates for hydroponics

Klasmann-Deilmann is the world’s leading producer of growing media for commercial horticulture. Based on our experience with all kinds of cultivation systems, we have also developed a range of substrates especially for the use of Growcoon in hydroponics. All recipes are tried and tested for cultivation of young vegetable plants, green leafy vegetables, herbs and many other crops.